Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NisFLO Caravan/Meet - Week 6

The NisFLO (Nissan Infiniti South Florida Organization) Caravan/Car Meet was one of the most amazing and life changing events I have ever been to. These meets happen once a year at Markham Part in November. 

The day started when my boyfriend, Danny, and I met up at the Publix in Hialeah with a few other automotive enthusiasts. From there we did a group drive (caravan) up to the infamous annual NisFLO meet at Markham Park.Neither me nor Danny are big Nissan fans, but I will be honest, this was one of the best events he has taken me to. Along witht the Profound amount of Nissans and Infinitis that were there, there was a decent amount of different brand name vehicles there; Supras, Skylines, GTRs, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Luxus', Hondas, Mazdas, etc.

My favorite part of this crazy me was the drive up there. The streets were filled with us friends and it felt like no one can stop us. Wherever we want, they would follow. If we would stop, they would stop. It felt like a game of Simon Says! It was quite enjoyable and I would love to attend the future ones coming up. 


  1. I have never been to a car meet. I should join my brother when he goes and see what it's about.

  2. Yo, I like the matrix style of your blog! Super futuristic!

  3. Looks cool, one of my favorite cars is the nissan GTR; I've never seen a stanced GTR, id like to see one. Maybe ill come to one of those meets.

  4. There's a bike vs car meet on March 13th from 12-5 at Marham Park. It's a little far but you'll have fun