Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Taco Maker Meets - Week 5

The Taco Maker meets happen every Wednesday from 8 pm to 11 pm. You can find all sorts of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market; Japan's economic market for Japanese-brand goods, such as automobiles and their parts) cars there; Toyota Supras (MK3 - third generation & MK4 - forth generation), Nissan Skylines (R32 & R34 - the "R" is a chassis code, which started in 1982, with the R30 Skyline), and Mazda RX7s (the "RX" stands for Rotary Experiment and the "7" is for the 7th model). 

It's the largest Wednesday car meet in Miami and there's always a live DJ and a raffle going on where you can win cool prizes; and you can never go wrong with $1 tacos. The best part of this meet is having a fire taco while looking at the gorgeous cars surrounding you. It's a little far, but it is worth the drive. You'll have a lot of fun, especially if you go with a bunch of friends. The most important thing about car meets is that you must follow the rules, because you don't want it to get raided by the cops. Then the hosts will have to look for a new location to have their meets, which isn't the easiest thing to do.

It is definitely a place to go if you're a car person! If you don't have anyone to go with, that's no problem, you can make a lot of super chill friends there. If you're up for it, go for it!



  1. ugh it sounds cool, but it is way too far for me. i wanna find a motorcycle meet but all i cam find are car meets.

    1. Try to find some on Facebook or Instagram, or ask around. I wish you luck

  2. Car races are super cool! It's really awesome that you and your boyfriend go and experience these events. Reading your blog reminds me about fast and furious.

  3. I've been telling myself I need to go to one of these car meets! They look so cool and fun. I feel like such a car fanatic when I read your blogs, im so intrigued by everything lol.